How to get a site with Micksites

In order to minimise the cost of your website, and streamline the creation, to get your site up and running as quick as possible, you will need to do a few things first.

This is optional, and I can do it for you, but it’ll take longer and cost you more- so may as well take 5 minutes to do it yourself!

  • Start by clicking HERE,
  • Make a WEB HOSTING account with Fasthosts,
  • Buy your DOMAIN NAME. This will be the web address for your site,
  • Order and pay for your DOMAIN and¬†HOSTING,
  • THEN… scroll down to read more
  • Email me¬†through my CONTACT FORM, and provide me with the Fasthosts log in details you just created,
  • I will email you, or you can call me up, and we will discuss the type of thing you want,
  • I will send you some links to demo sites, and you pick the one that looks best,
  • You can give me any edits and changes you require,
  • This is the initial set up done, which is covered in your set up cost. From here on, any edits or further services you require will cost the stated hourly rate.
  • I will be available at any time via a phone call or email.